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Vidivì HD Glass

The high definition Glass

A techno gem

Crystalline effect combined with incomparable robustness and safety. “High Definition” Glass is the most advanced expression of pressed glass. An ancient and fascinating material like glass thus reaches the highest standards of transparency, brilliance, and safety.

  • The high and certified chemical stability makes our glass resistant to hydrolytic attacks and detergents.
  • “Extra white” transparency thanks to a presence of iron close to zero, demonstrated by a light transmission of 92%.
  • Extremely high gloss point: refractive index 1.51.
  • Unlike crystal, it does not contain lead or cadmium.
  • It can be used in public establishments in absolute safety in compliance with REACH regulation n. 1907/2006/CE. It does not shatter and does not explode into small portions in case of breakage: the bottom tends to detach from the body of the glass, thus limiting the fragmentation into splinters, risky for the surrounding environment.

The advantages of HD Glass

Brilliance and transparency guaranteed up to 3000 industrial washes

Pressed and annealed glass, resistant and safe

Lead-free: 100% recyclable

Can be used in the microwave

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