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Vetri Delle Venezie

The Italian glassware brand for the home and the table

High Vibes is the new glass collection by Vidivì

Elegance, Class, Style, and Color serve as the common thread in this special capsule crafted with the purest materials and diamond-cut engravings.

The utmost quality of our crystal glass seamlessly meets color in its gradient tones, enhancing its luminosity and brilliance like a dream.

Products in the spotlight

Vetri delle Venezie – VIDIVI – shines for elegance, pure design, and a clear vocation to excellence.

The aesthetic sense of Italian art, and the harmonious balance of forms on which time and fashions slide to make it a brand of excellence in tableware, are appreciated and recognized all over the world.

The transparent beauty…

… It is at ease everywhere, from modern and traditional tables, from the mise en place of exclusive restaurants to the elegant gestures of domestic reception.

… It enhances what it contains, seduces in purity, and hides nothing, if not the precious technological know-how from which it came to life.


Capture the light

VIDIVI Italian design expresses the best that glass can give, an essential and clear result of a complex production, in which the quality of raw materials and technological processes are a forge of wonders.

Product categories

Vidivi HD Glass.
High-Definition Glass.

Renowned for its high-design content and quality. Our pressed glass is synonymous with brilliance and transparency.

Vidivi is part of the group, world leader in the production, decoration and marketing of glass.

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